Storing store bought fish

I bought some fresh salmon at the store yesterday - as salmon is the favourite fish in my house, I bought more than can be consumed in a day or two, and was wondering if there was any way to store my fish efficiently.

After much research, this link proved to be very useful:

The most useful tip from the site was:

"Wrap the fish individually in plastic wrap. Wrap as tightly as possible.
Wrap tightly again with another layer of wrap.
Place the individually wrapped pieces into a sealable freezer bag or wrap tightly in aluminum foil. If using a bag, be sure to press out excess air from the bag.
Do not package more that one pound in each bag. This will allow the fish to freeze more quickly.
When placing in the freezer, do not stack a lot of packages together in one area. Try to spread them out in the freezer so they will freeze quicker. Once they are frozen, they can be stacked neatly on top of each other."

There are a lot of really neat tips in that link, and if you do have the time, please go through the info.

The Colors of Health

The Colors of Health